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MIYA Bilingual School was established in 2022 and is the premier private school in Dimako, East Region. MIYA provides students of Dimako with an education second to none in the area. MIYA is a culturally diverse community dedicated to academic excellence that motivates all students to attain their highest levels of achievement supported by family and ethical values. Our mission drives our efforts to ensure that all students experience academic excellence and personal growth through academics, athletics, fine arts, extra-curricular activities, and
community service. MIYA students are welcomed each day to a rigorous and stimulating curriculum that targets the whole child. Students are instructed in the core subjects of Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies as well as the fine arts subjects of Physical Education, English/French, Art, Music, Library, and Technology.






MIYA’s vision is to create curious independent leaders by exercising their minds.



MIYA’s mission is to provide a collaborative and empowering approach to education that enables students to identify and cultivate their unique potential. We will focus on projectbased experiences, and sportsmanship, and incorporate real-world applications of knowledge to enhance learning.



1) Integrity: We lead by the examples of honest and ethical behavior demanded by our students. The interest of our students and the MIYA team will be at the forefront of all our decisions and actions.

2) Academic Excellence: We provide a solid and comprehensive educational foundation for all students to ensure future success. The MIYA team will collaborate with civil society to ensure every student realizes their full potential.

3) Equity: We break down the barriers to education, proactively address discrimination, and advocate alongside our students and staff to empower them with the opportunities to succeed and ensure the respect they deserve.

4) Community Involvement: We foster partnerships based on mutual respect and understanding among the MIYA team and civil society.

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